401Go Raises $2.5 Million Seed Round

Through the generous contributions of Signal Peak Ventures, Stout Street Capital and other angel investors, 401Go has raised $2.5 Million in a seed round.

401Go is a web app that "creates automated 401(k) plans for small businesses" with a focus on socially responsible investing and cryptocurrency.

In 2017, Daniel Beck, co-founder and CEO of 401Go, noticed how challenging it was to offer startup employees a way to save for retirement. He teamed up with his brother Nate Beck and their friend Jared Porter to solve this problem with 401Go.  

Beck stated the following in the news article:

"Millennials, in particular, do want to invest, just not in the way their parents have...Our platform is more engaging and attractive than anything else offered, and that's why we have more and more people signing on."

401Go has plans to continue working with smaller businesses, helping individuals begin saving for retirement now. 401Go has over 2,500 users, and not one client has left since its creation.

Read the news article to find out how your employees can use this platform to begin saving for retirement.

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