AboutOne expands Utah operations to help ‘CEO of the home’

By Joey Ferguson

LEHI — As the business intelligence market grows, one company is bringing that technology to the home.

AboutOne, a company with offices in both Lehi, Utah and Paoli, Penn., wants to expand its operations in the state by nearly doubling its employee count and seeking funding. The company already has six people, nearly all developers, at its Lehi office, but plans to fill five more positions by the end of the year.

“I would like Utah investors,” said Joanne Lang, chief executive of AboutOne, in a phone interview. “Having a development team and investors there would be critical for our growth.”

The company creates a dashboard that aggregates information created within a household, like medical documents, wills, calendars and home repair progress.

AboutOne is able to pull in different APIs from web-based applications like Facebook, Instagram and Google apps.

For example, if a parent schedules a doctor’s appointment for their son or daughter, AboutOne will create a medical form automatically that can be filled out and saved in the database.

The product has brought the company “six digits of customers,” which are almost entirely mothers, Lang said .

“Think of it as a file cabinet that files itself,” Lang said. “There needs to be a way to get the CEO of the home all the records they need.”

The company has received just under $3 million in total investments after the end of its series A round.

AboutOne does not plan to raise a series B round any time soon, Lang said. If there was any series B funding, it would be a growth round, she said.

The company targets its recruiting toward women who have gaps in their resume due to time of from work.

It’s called the “Comeback Mom” program, which the company plans to use while hiring in Utah, Lang said.

Utah’s particular talent pool drew the company to hire its developers in the state.

Lang said Utah has no shortage developers with an understanding of the family, which is why she like keeping the operation there.

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