At Long Last, the Owlet Smart Sock is Available to the General Public

We’re relentlessly dedicated to providing parents with reliable, easy-to-use devices to monitor baby’s wellbeing.

Here is a list of things Owlet Baby Care has done in the past year:

  • Create a baby sock that monitors an infant’s vital signs and literally might save their life (see video below).
  • A runner-up finish in TechCrunch’s Hardware Battlefield, a Las Vegas-based competition between hundreds of companies created to recognize the sleekest hardware startups in the United States.
  • Raised $7 million to help soup up their smart sock creation with the explicit intent of revolutionizing the way infants are monitored by parents.
  • Told Beehive Startups the story of their founding. Was featured in TechCrunch. Taught us the meaning of pulse oximetry (better known as that thing you get clipped on your finger at a hospital with a blinking red light), the tried-and-true system used in every smart sock to measure heart rate and oxygen levels.
  • Recently participated in a Techstars ++ class in Rochester, Minnesota.
  • Provided select strung-out parents a private beta release of the Owlet Smart Sock, in turn alleviating their worst fears (WHAT IS MY BABY DOING RIGHT NOW?!?!?) and maybe, just maybe, providing them with somewhat normal nights of sleep.

My brief, Phil Simms-inspired synopsis: not a bad year. My even more brief, Phil Simms-inspired prognosis: bright future.

Here is a list of things that Owlet Baby Care has done this week. Actually, it’s not a list, it’s just one thing, but that thing is pretty cool. Fresh off private beta mode, Owlet has officially brought their product to market, making the Owlet Baby Monitor available to the general public.

“We’re relentlessly dedicated to providing parents with reliable, easy-to-use devices to monitor baby’s wellbeing,” Co-Founder and CEO Kurt Workman said in a statement. “As advanced monitoring technology is made appropriate for the home nursery, and information gathered from devices like the Owlet Baby Monitor give researchers the ability to study ongoing infant health, we hope to help doctors and parents improve infant care starting the moment the baby leaves the hospital.”

For parents, it’s time to hopefully get some sleep. For infants, it’s time to get monitored (in a good way). For everyone else, it’s time to sit back and watch some amazing technology get put to use in an area that makes complete sense.

Published 10/21/2015

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