Beehive Startups Launches StartStudio to Develop New Products and Launch Scalable Companies

StartStudio is an answer to a question we’ve been asking ourselves for years. What if we could help extraordinarily talented entrepreneurs get off to a better start?

Beehive Startups today announced the launch of StartStudio, an early-stage startup studio that works with founders across the country to help develop new products and launch scalable technology companies.

Companies accepted into StartStudio receive up to $100K in the form of a convertible note to work closely with an accomplished in-house team and a wide array of mentors to build a sustainable business worthy of long-term investment and top talent.

“StartStudio is an answer to a question we’ve been asking ourselves for years. What if we could help extraordinarily talented entrepreneurs get off to a better start?” said Clint Betts, founder and CEO of Beehive Startups. “We’ve partnered with distinguished and experienced software developers, designers, early-stage investors, lawyers, accountants, executives, banks, risk managers, and mentors to do everything we possibly can to prevent a costly false start to a promising company.”

StartStudio has a number of well-known partners, including Kickstart Seed Fund, the most active seed investor in Utah, and Izeni, a Provo-based design and software development firm. Each partner will work closely with participating startups to help guide founders through every aspect of building a scalable company.

“In a relatively short time, Beehive Startups has had a major impact on Utah through events like StartFEST, and by actively telling the amazing story of the rapidly growing startup and tech scene here in the state,” said Gavin Christensen, Managing Partner of Kickstart Seed Fund. “We’re excited to be a partner with Clint and his team on StartStudio. Both of our organizations care deeply about the long-term growth and success of the startup ecosystem and believe that StartStudio will help entrepreneurs get the validation and product traction necessary to raise seed funding.”

StartStudio is not a three-month startup accelerator. There will be no Demo Day, applications are always open, and participating startups will not be broken into cohorts. StartStudio only exists to build beautiful products and sustainable companies.

Beehive Startups also announced today that Simple Citizen, a startup hoping to simplify the immigration process, is the first company to be accepted into StartStudio.

For more information please visit

Published 6/25/2015

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