BoomStartup Launches New EdTech Accelerator

The education market is poised for change like never before, and we believe that innovative startups will play a huge role in that transformation.

You’re on this website, which means you like technology — you’re also reading this article, which means you like education.

So, as a recently-established EdTech enthusiast, you will be doubly excited to learn that BoomStartup — the nationally-recognized, Utah-based startup accelerator — is now accepting applications for their new EdTech seed accelerator program.

“There’s more focus than ever on using technology to make learning more relevant and personal, from demands for more effective digital curriculum and assessments, to micro-credentialing and an increased focus on lifelong learning,” Steve Curtis, Managing Partner of BoomStartup EdTech, said in a statement. “Competency-based learning strategies are on the rise, transcending the traditional education model by enabling learners to master skills at a pace and setting of their choosing.”

As you already know, BoomStartup has nurtured numerous EdTech startups, including Ardusat, ISQ, and Room Choice. With expertise gained through these encounters, it was only a matter of time before BoomStartup devised a strategy taking advantage of the increased spending on education. That time is now.

“Part of that strategy is to expand into vertical industries where we have core competencies and expertise, first-hand experience with companies in past cohorts, and local industry strength,” Jessica Bleak, Managing Director of BoomStartup EdTech, said via email. “Steve Curtis and I both hail from Pearson…we have an abundance of industry expertise and resources across the local/regional educational ecosystem. Utah is home to EdTech companies such as Pluralsight, Instructure, MasteryConect, True North Logic, Kimono, Degreed, etc.”

The deadline for applications is June 1, interested parties can apply here. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of this opportunity. Ten years ago, Pluralsight was just some dudes looking for a break. Four years ago, Degreed was searching for a way to truly measure lifelong learning. Now, they both are playing pivotal roles in paving the future for EdTech companies.

Everybody has to start somewhere.

“The education market is poised for change like never before, and we believe that innovative startups will play a huge role in that transformation,” Bleak said.

Published 4/8/2015

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