DemoChimp Raises $2.8M in Seed Funding

DemoChimp solves the biggest problem in enterprise sales — building buying consensus.

American Fork-based DemoChimp has raised $2.8 million in a seed funding round led by Peak Ventures, with participation from Albion Financial, Seed Equity, Select Venture Partners, Paul Ahlstrom, Scott Frazier, and Greg Schenk.

Designed to cut sales cycles and increase closing rates, DemoChimp’s platform — already used by more than a 100 different companies, including Microsoft, HP, and Autodesk — is primed to explode.

“DemoChimp solves the biggest problem in enterprise sales — building buying consensus,” Garin Hess, co-founder and CEO of DemoChimp, said in a statement. “Research shows that more than five stakeholders are involved in the average B2B buying group. Our interactive technology delivers a personalized experience to each stakeholder, all at the same time, and at the beginning of the sales process. This drives consensus for customers around the type of problem they’re trying to solve and potential solutions, helping buyers get to a purchasing decision more quickly than traditional methods.”

Published 4/9/2015

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