By Subject - Carol-Lyn Jardine

Carol-Lyn Jardine, SVP of Marketing at Wonderlic and Founder and President for Women of Workfront, is one of Utah’s leading minds in a “customer first approach” that puts the customer at the center of all marketing efforts. In this episode of By Subject, Carol-Lyn shares her personal life story, how she got involved in marketing with technology, how to navigate through your own personal career, and what components create the best working environment for any thriving business today. Tune in as we talk about the foundations of customer marketing and where to plant roots that lead to a successful career.

In her role as SVP of Marketing, Carol-Lyn oversees the development and implementation of Wonderlic's products and services, as well as its business strategy and operations. With over 20 years of experience in the pre-employment testing industry, Carol-Lyn has been instrumental in expanding Wonderlic's offerings and enhancing its customer experience. She is also a frequent speaker and writer on topics related to pre-employment assessment and talent management. Her contributions in marketing towards customers and their needs has been monumental in Utah’s industry.

Raised by a single mother and one of five children, Carol-Lyn grew up in the valley of Provo, Utah, where she graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Public Relations. Coming from a rich farming heritage, Carol-Lyn had the vision and desire to help things grow around her. Her experience has led her from her first start up with her parents to leading DTI’s implementation program and later becoming one of Wonderlic’s most valuable assets in marketing.

Carol-Lyn credits her success to “her champions,” explaining that champions can be individuals or events in your life that mentor you and assist in maintaining relevance. With a number of years under her belt working alongside technology, Carol-Lyn recognizes, and emphasizes a readiness, if not anticipation for constant change in the marketing workplace. Throughout this podcast episode, Carol-Lyn advises listeners who wish to make an impact in marketing. She talks about how to create a thriving marketing presence on a limited budget, the importance of listening to your customers, and much more. Listen now, to this episode of By Subject.

Episode 8 | Carol-Lyn Jardine of Wonderlic – By Subject
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