Imagining the Metaverse S1 Ep6: Pray to Earn

The following is a summary of Imagining the Metaverse Season 1 Episode 6: Pray to Earn. To watch the full conversation, follow the links below.

Breathe in. Breathe out. Mine crypto.

In this week's episode of Imagining the Metaverse, Nicki Sanders and Scott Paul discuss virtual church attendance and meditation apps that mine crypto while you meditate.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused many churches to close their doors as in-person events were put on hold for upwards of a year. During this time, many churches found ways to meet virtually; however, some churches decided to move to the metaverse. In their discussion, Nicki and Scott talk about what churches could potentially move to the metaverse and how they can operate. In the example Nicki and Scott found, they saw the church uses a "pray to earn" system that allows church goers to mine crypto while attending church services.

In addition to virtual church, many people are finding ways to meditate and mine crypto; however, as Nicki and Scott discuss, could this open up to gaming the system? Can people open the app and earn crypto even though they might not be meditating?

Check out the full episode here to find out.

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‎Show Imagining The Metaverse, Ep Pray To Earn - Dec 14, 2022
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