Control4 Acquires Triad Speakers

It cost $9.6 million.

Control4 is a publicly-traded company located in Salt Lake City, UT — they specialize in smart automation services for homes and businesses. A portion of these smart home capabilities include personalized control of things like lighting, energy, security, and music. And as any genius can tell you, streaming audio throughout your house is only cool if you have bomb-ass speakers.

Which leads us to acquisition news: Control4 has acquired Triad Speakers for $9.6 million, bringing 30 years worth of audio technology and solutions to the table. Triad will continue operations in Portland, Oregon, while the majority of the team will continue working under the wing of Control4.

“Entertainment is integral to the connected home and our Control4 dealers are designing end-to-end experiences for family room entertainment, home theaters, and indoor and outdoor multi-room music for their customers,” said Martin Plaehn, CEO of Control4. “The acquisition of Triad brings proven premium-acoustics experience and innovation to our company, enabling us to immediately deepen our entertainment offering and develop new integrated-audio experiences for the future.”

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