Cranium Cafe Raises $250,000

This funding will allow our team to focus on our customers

Cranium Cafe has recently raised $250,000 in seed funding. Kickstart Seed Fund, .exe Ventures, and the Salt Lake City Angels all participated in the round.

Founded by CEO Tracy Gorham, Cranium Cafe specializes in helping off-campus students partake in classroom-like experiences through online meetings. It’s designed to create a human connection for students that aren’t able to meet in classrooms, with things like academic advisors, tutoring, and financial aid counseling only a click away. Think of it as a student SOS button — when help is needed, Cranium Cafe alleviates your questions and your fears.

With the newly raised money, Cranium Cafe can further refine their educational technology without having to worry about financial restraints.

“This funding will allow our team to focus on our customers,” said CEO Tracy Gorham in a statement. “Learning from our users allows us to improve the cutting-edge technology they already love which will have a direct effect on student learning.”

Published 1/20/2015

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