DataBank Acquires C7 Data Centers

The largest data center provider in Utah has been acquired.

C7 Data Center is known primarily for being the largest data center provider in Utah. It’s because of this that C7 has been acquired by DataBank — one of the leaders in enterprise-class data center services — to expand their access into the Western United States.

“It’s a terrific strategic outcome for C7’s clients, and employees,” said Wes Swenson, CEO of C7 Data Centers. “It provides an expanded footprint, while creating a more flexible product portfolio for the combined companies…Utah has been an incredible place for us to build our business from almost nothing in 2007, to a data center powerhouse in the Western Region of the United States in 2017.”

DataBank already operates data centers in Dallas, Kansas City, and Minneapolis, with Salt Lake City now added to the mix.

The acquisition is also a terrific outcome for Signal Peak Ventures, who invested in C7 years ago and can now reap the benefits of that decision.

“We are very pleased to see C7 combine with Data Bank and believe the expanded platform backed by Digital Bridge will be a true market leader in the colocation industry,” said Ron Heinz, managing director of Signal Peak. “Our 10-year journey with C7 has been an exhilarating experience, and we extend our sincere appreciation to CEO Wes Swenson and the balance of the management team. Wes and his team created an innovative, customer centric business and today’s announcement is a reflection of the long-term value generation of this incredible platform.

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