Degreed Acquires Gibbon

Our mission has always been to make all learning count regardless of the source.

Not too long ago, Degreed closed a $21 million dollar Series B round in an effort to expand their ongoing march towards effectively measuring education. We now know where some of that money has gone — Degreed has acquired the European learning company Gibbon.

“Our mission has always been to make all learning count regardless of the source,” David Blake, CEO of Degreed, said in a statement. “Gibbon is the most elegantly designed learning curation service in the world, and their community includes some of the top product and design experts. We are excited, both to grow our network of worldwide learners, and to add the Gibbon team’s product, design and engineering capabilities to the Degreed platform.”

The union makes sense, considering both companies passion for measuring learning — Degreed has built a platform that tracks the lifelong learning of individuals, Gibbon has created a social learning platform where users can create playlists that map out the resources needed to learn anything. Both company missions will stay the same, the only difference will be Degreed now has international office in the Netherlands to accompany stateside locations in San Francisco and Salt Lake City.

Published 3/25/2016

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