Steton Rebrands As RizePoint

RizePoint is the perfect new name for our rapidly growing company.

It’s time to take a stroll down rebrand lane — yesterday, SLC-based Steton announced they will be moving forward as RizePoint.

“The Steton name and brand represent partnership and family to those who know us,” Frank Maylett, CEO of RizePoint, said in a statement. “Today, nearly 20 years after our founding, we’ve expanded globally, we continue to evolve our award-winning mobile and cloud-based technologies, and find ourselves ready for the next chapter.”

Utah Governor Gary Herbert was on hand as RizePoint held a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the rebrand and opening of a new office. Were there giant scissors? You bet.

In addition to the rebrand, RizePoint also announced the creation of 10 scholarships for local middle-school students, dedicated to fund summer camp attendance in STEM areas. If you’re a student in The Canyons School District and have an abiding love for science, technology, engineering, or math, this might be your lucky day.

“We are a proud member of the local community, and are very invested in fortifying the future workforce,” said Maylett. “It’s time for the great companies around the country to invest in better educational opportunities around the STEM initiatives.”

To learn more about RizePoint, read this letter from CEO Frank Maylett explaining the rebrand.

Published 3/24/2016

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