Degreed raises $300,000 from education investor GSV Advisors

Deborah Quazzo, founder of GSV Advisors.

By Joey Ferguson

Deborah Quazzo, founder of GSV Advisors.[/caption]

ALPINE — Recent TechStars inductee Degreed raised $300,000 in convertible debt from Deborah Quazzo, founder of GSV Advisors, an investing and consulting firm for education entrepreneurs.

Degreed is a web app where users can display their education from both formal and informal sources. Formal sources include undergraduate degrees or technical training, while informal refers to sites like Codecademy, and Coursera. The app measures accreditation based on “mastery points,” which acts an aggregated score of all your education.

“Our objective is to make everything you do roll up into the context of degree, degree equivalents, roles and skills,” David Blake, chief executive of Degreed, said in an earlier interview. ”We feel like there is a lot of power in the context of the degree. We feel like the other context that matters is employment, skills and job titles.”

This isn’t Quazzo’s first investment in a Utah-based education startup. She joined MasteryConnect’s Series A funding round in January.

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