Silicon Slopes Conversations: Bridges Between Utah & Ukrainian Tech

In an interesting and heartfelt Silicon Slopes Conversations event, Marq CEO Owen Fuller sat down with Dmytro Kushneruk, Consul General of Ukraine in San Francisco on Friday, November 18th, 2022.

We started with a slideshow presentation given by Dmytro where he told us about the strength of the tech industry in Ukraine. According to Dmytro, there are about 300,000 software engineers in Ukraine, with 25-30% prospected growth and about $6 billion in income per year. (6:02) Amidst war and upset, Ukraine has maintained their export volume, with 84% of companies maintaining contracts.

Dmytro told us that although the country has seen hard times, the people are resilient and working hard. Companies are working on all sorts of solutions, from software to replace paper identification documents for those who have had to abandon their homes to a chatbot to report war crimes and potential explosive objects.

So what can we do to help? First, we can employ Ukrainians. Using we can find people in the tech sector who can work remotely and are able to work and provide for their families. Ukraine has seen problems with power outages, and Utah companies that provide power solutions like wind and solar are crucial in the need to retain electricity–especially going into the harsh Ukraine winter.

"We really think there is a chance that Utah companies can use their technologies in Ukraine. This is a real potential to work between Utah and Ukraine," said Dmytro. Another resource for help is the Utah Ukrainian Association, where you can learn about events and fundraisers as well as donate.

Dmytro answered questions from the audience and shared a video that showed Utah and Ukranians working together and supporting one another (insert video link). He let us know that Ukrainians are anxious to work hard and are open and enthusiastic about Utah companies.

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‎Business · 2022
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