Eastern Utah is Gaining Coworking & Business Resource Centers

This article was published in the Winter 2019 issue

by Michael Bryant, Regional Planning Director, SEUALG
Coworking spaces are well established throughout the nation and are now an option for eastern Utah companies. Coworking space is a product of the modern era — all that is needed is a wifi connection and a professional work space. With Emery County communities like Orangeville City, Joe’s Valley, and the San Rafael swell quickly becoming bouldering meccas, climbers and other traveling professionals come to the area to recreate but often times need space to work while enjoying the area.

Eastern Utah is excited to launch multiple coworking spaces in the Carbon and Emery County areas. The Southeastern Utah Business Technical Assistance Center (BTAC) was recently awarded grant funding from the Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development for three coworking and business resource center spaces through the Rural Coworking and Innovation Center Grant Program (RCIC). Locations will be in Price, Orangeville, and Green River, with construction anticipated to begin in early 2020 and completed later in the year.

The coworking space in Price will be located in the BTAC building on 375 South Carbon Avenue. Price City is located just 60 minutes from Spanish Fork and is literally the gateway to all the outdoor adventures in eastern Utah: Goblin Valley, San Rafael Swell, Joe’s Valley, Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, and Lake Powell. Local attractions include 9 Mile Canyon and Historic Helper, which is quickly becoming an artist community. The site in Price will feature privacy booths, conference room space, a large meeting room space, and a coworking/networking lounge. The BTAC is an ideal location for a coworking space since it already operates as business technical assistance center and an incubator for businesses in the region.

Serving the bouldering community is the primary reason for locating a coworking & business resource center in Orangeville. The center will be located in the Orangeville branch of the Emery County Library system. Renovations to the library will include a coworking/business resource lounge, a separate entrance to the building for working during non-traditional business hours, and copy and printing capabilities.

Green River, Utah is at an eastern Utah crossroads. Located along Interstate 70 and Highway 6, Green River is only 50 minutes from Moab, 60 minutes from Price, 90 minutes from Grand Junction, and is surrounded by a variety of outdoor recreational opportunities. The co-working space will be located in the Green River branch of the Emery County Library system. Like the Orangeville location this site will include a coworking/business resource lounge, a separate entrance to the building for access during non-traditional business hours, and copy and print capabilities.

Eastern Utah is embracing technology and the coworking revolution as it transitions from energy production and mineral extraction. Coworking in eastern Utah is just one element of the economic shift that is taking place in Carbon and Emery Counties. Other elements include a research facility in Castle Dale, aviation education through USU Eastern, and manufacturing business developments and expansions.

With the Wasatch Front quickly becoming overcrowded, eastern Utah presents a pleasant alternative to live, work, and play. The development of coworking spaces makes this transition even easier for urban business professionals to work and live in a rural area.

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