Imagining the Metaverse S1 Ep9: Fashion Forward

The following is a summary of Imagining the Metaverse Season 1 Episode 9: Fashion Forward. To watch or listen to the full conversation, please follow the links below.

In 2021, Nike acquired Salt-Lake based company RTFKT for roughly $1 billion—one of Nike's most expensive acquisitions to date, but why is this important? In the season finale of Imagining the Metaverse, Scott Paul and Nicki Sanders discuss the future of fashion and how Nike and RTFKT are revolutionizing the fashion industry.

When Virtual Becomes Reality

Avatar customization has existed for many years in video games. Most notably in Fortnite, where players purchase in-game season passes to have exclusive access to character skins such as Master Chief from the Halo franchise, John Wick, Predator, Ellen Ripley from Alien, Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty, and so much more, so it's no surprise that avatar customization has become a staple in the metaverse. Enter RTFKT, a Salt-Lake based company that makes fashionable, virtual and augmented-reality wearables. With Nike's acquisition of RTFKT, RTFKT has begun making Nike-branded wearables that if purchased virtually, will also be sent physically.

To watch or listen to the full conversation, please follow the links below.

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