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Finch brings power to Google AdWords with new Sugarhouse location


By Jordan Phelps

In mid-November there was an uptick of bicyclists riding around Salt Lake City when Finch, an SEM company, moved their corporate offices to Sugarhouse. Many bright “Finch Orange” bikes were brought in for their employees to use in the office or around town. As unique to Silicon Slopes as providing employees bicycles is, the impact Finch has had on their industry is even more so.

Finch works with companies to manage and expand their Google AdWords account to gain market share. Founded in 2009, the company is privately funded with no outside investors. In 2013, Finch was ranked on the INC 500 list as one of the fastest growing privately-held companies.

When talking about their technology, Kim Pratt, Finch’s Director of PR and Marketing said, “It optimizes programmatically and gets smarter with each click. Growth doesn’t trail off after the first few months. It continues to grow.”

Finch has offices and clients worldwide. They have 26 employees on staff, 15 employees located in Sugarhouse and 11 in their other offices around the globe.

“They’re a true team,” said Pratt, “People want to help each other succeed. I think it’s because of culture and I believe the clients can feel that too.”

Using their technology-based solutions, Finch, who is also a Google Partner, helps their customers to focus and target their AdWords for increased leads and revenue. Typically they work with companies that already have a Google AdWords account that they can develop and help grow, who also have a decent monthly ad spend budget.

“For us to be a Google Partner is very unique,” said Pratt. “The fact that Google understands and approves of what we’re trying to do is huge.”

Finch brings power to Google AdWords with new Sugarhouse location
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