Jedari Launches New Software Solution and Grand Opening Event

Jedari, a new Lehi-based software solution, will be hosting a grand opening and ribbon cutting event April 13, 2023 at its headquarters.

Jedari is a one-stop software solution for brands that enables brands and content creators to easily launch their own social platforms or to operate all-in-one private-virtual-intranet and own it all. Brands pay a service fee and hold the keys to their content, members, and money.

The Jedari SaaS technology hosting environment offers all the tools of other social networks, but now it is owned and maintained by the creator, brand, coach, influencer, etc.  

In addition, Jedari has reinvented content as a business with their built-in ecommerce, shopping carts, multi-layered monetization platforms. Users Gain direct access to their paying audience to monetize.

Jedari boasts a fast and easy process to launch branded apps or web portals. Jedari lets you launch fast and go live immediately and start making money without any waiting periods, minimum views, minimum likes, or minimum subscriber levels. Already, several brands have already gone live using Jedari.

Companies and groups of any size or cause can now experience the freedom of hosting their own communities, subscriptions, donation, products, services, and more within their own private-virtual-spaces, all running on Jedari.

To learn more about Jedari's grand opening event, click here.

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