Friday Conversation Series: Brian McCann, CEO of Intergalactic

In this week's Friday Conversation, we were joined by Intergalactic CEO, Brian McCann. Intergalactic is a thermal management systems company that serves the defense aerospace, civil aviation, and space industries. Brian has spent most of his career working on innovative air and space platforms, both with Intergalactic and Ram Aviation, Defense & Space, a 50-year-old aerospace manufacturing company founded by his grandparents in their garage.

“We are pushing boundaries in physics and technology” - Brian McCann, CEO of Intergalactic

In their conversation, they discuss the most recent push for innovation in the aerospace industry and how Intergalactic, in a lot of ways, is pioneering this innovation by "pushing the boundaries of physics and technology." According to Brian, "the aerospace industry moves too slow; we need to move quicker." To illustrate the most recent develops in the aerospace industry, Garrett and Brian discuss the capabilities of the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) aircrafts. "[The JSF] is not meant to be a dog-fighting aircraft," Brian stated, "It's a super computer."

To learn more about what is going on in the aerospace industry and Intergalactic, please watch the full conversation below:

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