Kevin Knight (Formerly Of Microsoft, Google, Facebook, And Pinterest) Comes Aboard Experticity As…

He has such a natural understanding of what we are building, such a deep commitment to the authentic expert, and such an incredible way of helping all of us understand its power and value.”

I don’t know anything about hiring employees, because I’ve hired approximately zero people in my entire life. But I do like speculating on what it’s like to hire employees, because it’s fun and also gives me a chance to secretly get back at people I don’t like by saying snobby things like “They just don’t have the qualifications” and “But what are they really bringing to the company?”

Tom Stockham, on the other hand, does know a thing or two about hiring employees. As CEO of Experticity, he’s helped build a business that has grown exponentially and because of this, found itself in need of a top-notch CMO. So what did he do? Well, he found somebody who has a resume that looks like a Google search for “Silicon Valley’s most popular companies” and basically said, we’d love to have you.

That’s the incredibly short and abbreviated version of how Kevin Knight, who comes from his previous post as the head of creative and brand strategy at Pinterest, was named CMO of Experticity.

“He has such a natural understanding of what we are building, such a deep commitment to the authentic expert, and such an incredible way of helping all of us understand its power and value,” said Stockham. “I would say it’s a joy to find people who are these remarkable, inspiring people that you want to work with….It’s the most satisfying part of what I do, period. These people who grasp onto what’s possible, and go inspire you and the people around them about how to make it happen quickly, it’s just magical.”

Being a higher-up at Pinterest is pretty cool, no doubt about it. But it’s even cooler when you pair that experience with employments from Microsoft, Google, and Facebook. If you sprinkle in a past advisory role with Experticity? That’s just icing on the cake.

This is the type of background Knight is bringing to the table, along with vast experience creating ads that work naturally for both brand and consumer. It’s because of this that Knight was attracted to Experticity — which deals explicitly with the consumer/brand relationship — and it’s also why Stockham sees incredible value in his full-time addition to Experticity.

“This just felt like the perfectly natural next step for him,” said Stockham. “Even better than an ad is the real life expert that you’re going to turn to for advice about what to buy. To him, it felt like we’re onto the natural progression of the way marketing and commerce should really work.”

Experticity has made some big waves in the last month, pushing out a brand new app and fully functional website. With this push comes heightened expectations and a greater need for an advanced marketing mind. Enter Knight as the missing puzzle piece, ready to convey Experticity’s vision to the masses.

“We are going to continue to raise up people with the right balance of passion, expertise, and authenticity, who are constantly sought out for their guidance and recommendations on what to buy,” said Stockham. “And we’re going to create amazing tools for marketers to tap into the people who are influencing decisions about brands and products like theirs, with really good ways to help those marketers engage these people and drive real value through them.”

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