Kids Are Pitching Businesses And $4,000 Is Involved

Utah is a great state to start and run a company and our younger generation is part of that too.

When I was a kid, I mowed a lawn for $10 and it was literally the greatest financial day of my life. Times have definitely changed because Utah’s children are now pitching business ideas at the 2016 KoolKids/Teens Startup Competition, where today’s rascally youth are competing for $4,000 in cash, gifts, and services.

The final pitch event — organized by Grow Utah with support from EY, Junior Achievement, MyTechHigh, and Tech Trep Academy — will be this Friday, May 6, in downtown Salt Lake City. Anyone who wishes to attend the event can do so for free (food is also involved!), just RSVP via this link. If you’re yearning for the opportunity to check out Utah’s business youth, this is it.

“We are very much looking forward to the final event,” said T. Craig Bott, President & CEO of Grow Utah. “Utah is a great state to start and run a company and our younger generation is part of that too. These courageous kids will take to the stage and show us what they’ve got. I think many will be surprised at how polished these young startups really are.”

Published 5/2/2016

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