Meet The 2016 BoomStartup Spring Cohort

Beehive Startups is exclusively announcing BoomStartup’s 2016 Spring Cohort, information provided courtesy of BoomStartup.

Beehive Startups is exclusively announcing BoomStartup’s 2016 Spring Cohort, information provided courtesy of BoomStartup:


Members: CEO Clancy Marshall, Phil Giarrusso, Kendall Davis

Social Media: Twitter, Facebook

Cleverywhere’s educational games are engaging experiences for students, building confidence through immersive activities that spark students’ creativity while building critical skills required to master the subject matter.

Core Learning Exchange

Members: CEO Jeffrey Katzman, co-founder Paul Devlin, CMO Paul Allen, CTO Chris Sawwa, COO Robert Boyer

Social Media: Twitter, Facebook

A well-funded reform movement in K-12 education has led to a mandate for personalized learning. Core Learning Exchange has developed a mastery-based platform that makes it easy for teachers to individualize instruction for each student. We give teachers the tools they need to find, share and create lessons on any device.


Members: CEO Nick Jones, co-founder Steve Reed

Social Media: Twitter, Facebook

JRNL builds tools that will define the way people keep journals the way families and friends collect, curate and amplify personal content to create a full record of life and meaningful events. As one journal that lives across your phone, tablet, and computer, JRNL allows users to write, collect, share and print meaningful data that can be preserved for future generations.

Known Factors

Members: CEO Mike Van Thiel, COO Carl Churchill

Social Media: Twitter

Known Factors weaves all your data resources together into a single, dynamic system that provides you with the accurate Business Intelligence you need to boost competitiveness, reduce costs and create new revenue streams.


Members: CEO Alain Eav, CTO Alvaro Carrasco

Social Media: Twitter, Facebook

RoviTracker is a rental management software that can integrated remote monitoring which provides a means to gather and analyze data so clients can gain insights on their business and remote equipment.

Sales Bridge

Members: CEO/VP of Sales Joe Lowry, CTO/CFO Trevor Paskett

Social Media: Twitter

Companies are spending millions of dollars to create leads but their sales teams consistently screw them up. Management thinks the sales team is following up with leads and customers even though most companies don’t have a process or tools to manage follow up and scheduling effectively. Sales Bridge provides an automated follow up and scheduling platform that allows salespeople to close more deals and gives management visibility into where the sales team is spending their time. Our platform requires that nothing be installed and works with the email, calendar and CRM platforms the customers already have. Customers using our platform see significant increases in revenue, and lead conversion and close rates.


Members: CEO Matt Garner, CBO Joshua Ray, COO Stephen Taylor

Social Media: Twitter, Facebook

Shophero provides e-commerce and fulfillment solutions for the grocery industry. We build and operate a proprietary, state-of-the-art platform e-commerce enabling established brick-and-mortar grocers to expand their reach via modern, white-labeled web and mobile channels.


Members: CEO Stephen Ellis, CTO Kody Brown, Engineer Dave Greco

Social Media: Twitter, Facebook

Vutiliti has created the first interactive, real-time utility monitoring and reporting service that guides consumers to conserve water and energy by reducing their utility bills everyday.


Members: CEO Lukas Lohove, CMO Kevin Li, CTO Hagen Huebel

Social Media: Twitter, Facebook

Zizzle offers an effective, time-saving and motivating way to help the 50 million foreign learners of Chinese learn Chinese characters.

Published 4/28/2016

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