Lehi-Based FreshLime Acquires Dasheroo

It’s true, people, acquisition fever is in full swing.

You might not think acquisition fever is a real thing, but I have news for you: it is. I’ve seen it with my own eyes, companies getting mad excited and acquiring other companies, building souped-up versions of their business like some sort of tech-oriented Golden State Warriors.

Nowhere is immune to acquisition fever, including Utah. This leads into today’s news of Lehi-based FreshLime acquiring San Francisco/Austin-based Dasheroo and now the fever is now upon us.

“FreshLime was started to help locally-focused businesses understand who their customers are and give them a platform to automatically stay engaged with them,” said Jay Bean, CEO and founder of FreshLime. “Retention marketing is at the center of what we do and in order to do that really well, we took the approach of using that customer’s data in order to determine what, when, why, and how we’re going to do something to drive specific actions.”

Using a customer’s data is where Dasheroo enters the picture, builders of small business dashboards that give owners all of their metrics in the same place. This is applicable to all areas of a business, but FreshLime is acquiring them for the specific value they bring in the area of marketing.

“We want to help small businesses more easily understand all of their marketing,” Bean said. “Dasheroo has built a platform with 35+ integrations in the marketing space. We can leverage not only those integrations but the simplicity of their dashboard product, because our ultimate goal is we want to enable millions of small businesses to market smarter.”

FreshLime was started by Bean less than two years ago and has grown into roughly 20 employees, plus today’s addition of Dasheroo. We’ll keep watch to see where things head from here.

“We’re growing really nicely and this acquisition is added into that,” Bean said.

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