Lots of pandas, conference rooms at Instructure’s new Cottonwood Heights office

Pandas, scooters and lots of conference rooms. Instructure’s new facility in Cottonwood Heights (map) is full of surprises and open space.

Instructure is taking up 3.5 floors of the building with about 125,000 square feet of space, said chief financial officer Steve Kaminsky. The company now has 230 employees and will likely grow to 300 by the end of 2013. That growth comes from the 400 customers that use Canvas, Instructure’s learning management software that helps universities, high schools and other educational institutions manage tasks from instruction to grading online.

After the company’s explosive ribbon cutting burning, in which CEO Josh Coates donned a panda suit and used a flame thrower to christen the building, employees now enjoy lots of open space and conference rooms.

Seriously, there is probably a conference or meeting room for everyone at building.

It also has multiple eating area stocked with light food, a game room and plenty of work to do.

Check out the photo tour:
Here’s CEO Josh Coates talking about Instructure.

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