Hack Night SLC to hold startup event on May 23


By Joey Ferguson

Hack Night SLC, a gathering of software developers, designers, server admins and others in tech related fields, will hold it’s fourth event at Neutron Interactive on May 23 and will include co-working and presentations.

“Hack Night SLC is an opportunity for the tech community in Salt Lake and the surrounding areas to get together, eat some food, and write some code,” the group said on its website. “Bring your own projects to work on, meet other people and help them with theirs, chip in some time on community projects and generally have fun.”

The event will last from 6 pm to 11 pm.

The goal of the regularly occurring events is to support and encourage startups and build a close-knit community of tech companies.

Presentations are open and can be 5–10 minutes long, according to the group’s blog.

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