Meet BoomStartup’s 2015 Spring Cohort

Beehive Startups is proud to announce the participants in BoomStartup’s 2015 Spring cohort.

Beehive Startups is exclusively announcing BoomStartup’s 2015 Spring cohort:

My Flight Train

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter

MyFlightTrain® is a modern, web-based suite of software that lets a flight school manage itself. It allows a flight school to run itself paperless, by tracking things like the schedule, flight logs, billing, and course progress. Using new web technologies, it streamlines the processes that are necessary to the daily life of a flight school. Made by people who know what it is like to have to deal with an unorganized flight school, MyFlightTrain is extremely customizable, and can fit all of your needs as a flight school.


Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

SimpleCitizen is here to help you complete your green card application online quickly and correctly. SimpleCitizen will guide you through the entire process explaining everything that you need to know. SimpleCitizen will be there to help you every step of the way from putting all the forms together in the correct order and in the correct way to details about your interview and finally the moment you get your green card in your hand.


Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Our vision is a keyless world where commercial access control takes place in the cloud, not a hand-off at the front desk. Our passion is building intuitive, hassle-free, keyless entry management systems with the ability to scale from a single property, to hundreds of units. The core of our software is engineered to give property managers the control, oversight and flexibility they need to make their businesses grow, and have fun doing it.

Track Care Now

TrackCareNow is a real time labor management software developed by nursing home owners and designed specifically for skilled nursing facilities. We combine staff scheduling, time clock, budgeting, regulatory compliance, task management and payroll in one comprehensive package.


Social Media: Facebook, Twitter

PrismXKB is a tool that takes the mystery out of team building as this is the first assessment APP that delivers meaningful, measurable and quantifiable results that can be graphically illustrated to help everyone’s productivity from problem employee to star performer.


Social Media: Facebook, Twitter

We research the best businesses based in your city. We have a passion for detailed information. That’s why every business profile will have links to all of the major review sites — and the ones you have never heard about. If we can find it on the web, you will see it on our business profile pages. We compare and analyze businesses’ data with other competitors across the city so it actually makes sense to you.

PatternJamSocial Media: Facebook, Twitter, InstagramA community platform for fabric enthusiasts, quilters & design aficionados.

Company descriptions were provided via each respective website.

Published 4/15/2015

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