Pollcaster Launches, Important Questions Everywhere Can Now Be Answered

We want them to be so fast to make that our publishers are just comfortable dropping them in an article.

How do you go about finding the deepest, darkest thoughts and desires of those around you? Confronting them verbally will make you seem like an enormous creep, so don’t do that. Handing them a note with questions on it will make you seem like you’re from 1936, so don’t do that.

What you should do is hop on Pollcaster and create, embed, and share your questions via “the most engaging polls on the planet.” You won’t seem creepy or super old, and you’ll finally have a way to get answers to all the questions your heart desires.

“In the last 10–11 months, we’ve amassed a client list that’s like a who’s who of the top publishers in the world,” Josh Little, CEO of Movement Ventures, said. “And they have had great suggestions on Qzzr, one of them that I kept hearing was, ‘Quizzes are great but what about polls? Why can’t you make a poll tool that has the same awesomeness as Qzzr?’”

From the dudes who brought Qzzr into this world, coined the term secret-sauceomeness, and generally live life one giant beard at a time, comes Movement Ventures latest product: Pollcaster, designed to give users visually-sleek, fully-immersive polls that are simple to create and simpler to take.

“Polls take about one-tenth of the time that a quiz takes to make and they don’t take a ton of cognitive friction either,” Little said. “You think of the question you want to ask, the two options, and that’s the reason we came out with the this-or-that, two-option poll, we want them to be so fast to make that our publishers are just comfortable dropping them in an article.”

As a publisher, I can verify — making polls through Pollcaster is incredibly simple. The only problem is coming up with questions that don’t offend too many people.

“We’ve finally gotten the platform together in a way that we can build these products quickly,” Little said. “I’m really proud of the team and the effort, these guys have pulled it out to get a product to market that we’ve all been really excited about.”

Because we value you as reader, we’d love to catch a glimpse through the window to your heart. So participate in our poll and let us know where your loyalties truly lie.

Published 4/17/2015

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