Meet Fuze’s Zubi Flyer, The World’s First Hackable Frisbee

We want to get kids to learn in a new way that’s fun and playful.

Walk through Target on a weekday afternoon and you’ll encounter a world of moms, sometimes dads, with carts full of children, just trying to make it out of the store in one piece.

Most of us know the drill. Prioritize your shopping list. There’s no telling how long your children will last and if you save milk for last, there’s a chance you’ll never get to it. Put the toddler in the cart area they are least likely to dive out of. And don’t, under any circumstance, get anywhere near the toy section. I don’t care how well behaved your children are, showing them shelves of Matel products and not buying them one is practically asking them to combust. You’ll be forced to deal with the humiliation of a public tantrum, or purchase crap. Because the average toy is crap. It’s ugly and loud and teaches kids nothing. But wouldn’t it be great if there was a toy that was sleek, attractive, and could bring you and your children together to bolster your STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) knowledge?

Well, what do you know, there is. Or there soon will be. The Fuze Zubi Flyer is available for preorder. The Zubi Flyer is the first hackable frisbee. “We make learning high-level concepts like coding as easy as 123, build, hack, play,” says Fuze founder Kirsty Sevy. Kids can build the Zubi Flyer by using three screws to secure the PCB into the cap, then snapping it into the frisbee. Then they can hack the flyer to access nine different light and sound games. Finally, they can play with the flyer as a frisbee. “We want to get kids to learn in a new way that’s fun and playful,” Sevy says.

Sevy is invested in children’s ability to learn because she has three daughters. For a while she had been trying to find not-crap, educational products for her oldest, but found that most toys were either dumbed down and condescending or too high-level. She expressed her frustrations to her brother Kyle Muir, who has a background in supply chain operations and manufacturing. Together they created Fuze.

“I’ve worked really hard to create a product that is super fun, and can scale and you can learn alongside your child,” Sevy says. Her hard work is appreciated by parents everywhere who want to buy their children STEAM friendly products that they can learn from together. Educators are also stoked on the Zubi Flyer and the education it could lend to their classrooms. And members of the EDM (Electronic Dance Music? Right?) community are also super enthusiastic about the flyer. Which makes me laugh. In fact my favorite thing Sevy said in our phone interview is “I don’t rave at all.” It’s just not something I hear a lot in my line of work.

“We want to bring communities and family together,” Sevy says. So if you’re a parent or teacher looking for better ways to teach your kids science, technology, engineering, arts, and math, or if you’re super into raves like I know so many of you are, preorder the Zubi Flyer now.

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