Tracking First: Validate Your Data

We want to relieve the burden companies are facing with manual maintenance of data.

When Tracking First CEO Craig Scribbner worked as an analyst, he often found himself spending time as a grief counselor of sorts. Time and again he watched marketers try to implement online campaigns and then have their hearts broken when tracking codes failed and the campaign pulled no data. Scribbner came to acutely understand the pain, time sink, and enormous waste of money that was data tracking. So he decided to relieve some human suffering and help major brands head off their tracking problems before they started.

Scribbner founded Tracking First about four years ago, and developed a system for normalizing and classifying tracking codes. “There’s a lot depending on getting tracking codes right,” says Tracking First Chief Marketing Officer Joseph Riddle. Riddle explains that most companies use spreadsheets to track their codes which very quickly becomes a logistical headache. But Tracking First is the aspirin. “We have a system that builds and verifies tracking codes to make sure they’re classifying the data you want to get,” Riddles says.

Riddle explains that by implementing Tracking First, companies can save the time and money it would cost to employ a full time analyst. A marketer with minimal training can set up a campaign, easily verify that the correct data is tracked, and export results to a spreadsheet.

“We want to relieve the burden companies are facing with manual maintenance of data,” Riddle says. “We really want to transform data governance.” Seems they’re well on their way.

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