Gabb Wireless Secures Tax Break for Massive Expansion, Set to Create 700+ Jobs in Utah

Gabb Wireless, a leading kid-safe technology company, is set to expand its operations in Lehi with the support of a post-performance tax reduction provided by the Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity. This corporate incentive is part of Utah's Economic Development Tax Increment Financing (EDTIF) program, aimed at fostering economic growth within the state.

Over the next decade, Gabb Wireless projects the addition of more than 700 new jobs in Utah, reinforcing its commitment to reshaping the relationship between children and technology. The company envisions a future where safe and healthy tech engagement takes precedence, aligning with their concept of "Tech in Steps" – offering age-appropriate technology solutions for children and teens.

Nate Randle, CEO of Gabb Wireless, expressed his enthusiasm for this expansion, saying, "It is an honor to be expanding in Utah and to be involved with the Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity. I’m proud to stand with over 200 Utah employees who are committed to growing our company and proactively contributing to the robust economy and culture of our great state."

Founded in Utah in 2018, Gabb has swiftly risen to prominence as a pioneer in the realm of kid-safe technology. The company offers a range of products including phones, watches, and software designed to provide a reliable and secure digital experience for children and teenagers while affording parents peace of mind. In an era where growing evidence highlights the detrimental effects of social media and technology on young minds, Gabb is resolute in its mission to craft technology specifically tailored to safeguard children while allowing families to harness the benefits of connectivity.

Ryan Starks, executive director of the Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity, voiced his appreciation for Gabb Wireless's decision to expand in Utah, saying, "The company’s focus on responsible technology use for kids and families reflects Utah’s family-centered culture and values. We’re confident the community will support the good work of this company and fulfill the many employment opportunities it generates."

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