AI-Powered Qualiti Secures $6.5M Seed Funding From Sierra Ventures & Epic Ventures

In a big development for the software testing industry, Qualiti (a Silicon Slopes-based software test automation solution) has announced the successful closure of a $6.5 million seed round. This funding round was spearheaded by Sierra Ventures with participation from Epic Ventures.

Founded by industry veterans Peter West (CEO) and Jeff Handy (COO), Qualiti leverages the power of artificial intelligence to revolutionize the process of software testing. What sets Qualiti apart is its ability to conduct comprehensive software testing without the need for human intervention. This innovative solution can be set up in a mere 15 minutes, after which it autonomously generates a full test suite. Qualiti's AI system assumes complete control over test authoring, maintenance, result triaging, and bug reporting, all performed in real-time and entirely devoid of human oversight. As a result, Qualiti has the potential to reduce a company's engineering budget by up to 30%.

CEO Peter West emphasizes the distinctive nature of Qualiti's approach, saying, "Most AI companies today are wrappers around chat-GPT and most seem to just be glorified grammar checkers. Even the more interesting applications tend to just be a tool to help you do what you're already doing. It's about time that AI does the work for us, and Qualiti has made that happen for testing - and we're the only ones who have truly made that, a truly hands-off no-human-work-needed AI managed solution, happen in testing."

With an impressive track record of achieving rapid growth, Qualiti boasts a customer base that has expanded by a staggering 340% month-over-month. The recent infusion of $6.5 million in funding will be instrumental in supporting the company's ambitious plans to scale its sales operations and expand its already world-class engineering team. Qualiti aims to position itself as the singular tool needed for all quality assurance (QA) needs within a company. This strategic shift promises engineers near-instant feedback on their applications as they push new code, ushering in a transformative era for software development.

Sierra Ventures Managing Director Mark Fernandes recognizes the potential for Qualiti, noting, "Qualiti has an opportunity to disrupt the test automation industry, which is in desperate need of true innovation. The rapid adoption of their solution by developers at very selective companies is evidence that the team has hit a nerve."

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