Personalized Learning Is The Mission Of Core-LX

Core Learning Exchange is a tool for the entire ecosystem of educators and students.

BoomStartup company Core Learning Exchange has been selected to to join the State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA) Emerging Private Sector Partners program. Phew. That’s a lot of links in one sentence. But you know what they say: the more links, the more elite the program invitation.

That’s not a joke. Well, I mean, yeah, it is because no one says that, but the program is indeed very elite and Core-LX’s inclusion speaks volumes for the work founder and CEO Jeffrey Katzman is doing.

“Core Learning Exchange is a tool for the entire ecosystem of educators and students,” Katzman says. While existing platforms in the education market are designed to reinforce and support the factory style of education, the Core-LX model is highly personalized. Teachers may create a learning plan for each individual student to best accommodate their speed and style of learning.

Katzman founded Core-LX after discovering just how backward and out of step most schools were in terms of technology and learning theory. When his son fell ill and missed school for a month, he returned without having any opportunity to learn what he missed and dealt with what Katzman describes as a “cascade of consequences.” Katzman had worked in the education space for over twenty years and was developing incredibly sophisticated solutions for corporate education. “I [thought] I could bring my skills, approaches and technologies and apply them in an academic context,” Katzman says.

At the time there was a perfect storm of disruptions sweeping through the educational system. Schools started opting for digital resources instead of print and well-funded reforms prompted educators to take different approaches to curriculum, creating a market ready for Core-LX’s arrival.

The Core-LX platform will be available in a Rhode Island charter school, a New York private school, and a few Colorado schools. The students will benefit from the personalized, blended, and competency-based learning the Core-LX makes available. And as the program expands, those same benefits will reach students regardless of their ability, economic, or social status. For a flat fee, educators have access to a range of content from various publishers. Teachers can identify students with special needs, those who may be falling behind or too far ahead, and create customized curriculum for those students. The program allows teachers to assign lectures as homework and spend class time offering one-on-one or small group instruction.

And because one rad program isn’t enough, Core-LX is also partnering with Vant4ge to bring education to prisons. Nothing reduces recidivism in prisoners more than education and Core-LX’s technology can make that education easily accessible.

So you can see why SETDA, the nation’s leading advocates for equity of access, digital content, online assessment, interoperability, and digital learning selected Core-LX for its Emerging Partners program. “It’s quite an honor,” Katzman says. “It gives us a seat and access to the key decision makers at the decision level.” No doubt those decision makers will decide to make Core-LX a must-have in every school.

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