Founders Of DevMountain And React Week Announce The Creation Of Skillshop

We see a need for conferences specifically designed with measurable objectives that attendees can demonstrate upon completion.”

What’s next? This is a question we’ve all asked ourselves a time or two, the inevitable follow up to completing a task. I just finished college, what’s next? I just got a job at Beehive Startups, what’s next? I just got fired from my job at Beehive Startups, what’s next?

Let’s talk about this concept in relation to developers. A common route to learning code takes many prospective developers to DevMountain, a programming bootcamp that crams as much coding knowledge into your brain as possible. After completion (and hopefully a job offer), developers still want to continue expanding their coding skills and keep up with the constantly evolving state of tech. So what’s next?

Skillshop is what’s next. Created by the founders of DevMountain and React Week (a week-long workshop dedicated to building applications in React.js), Skillshop is a set of four conferences designed to teach developers what’s next in the areas of Virtual/Augmented Reality, iOS 2D game, Unity 3D, and Mac OS development, giving developers the knowledge and tools to keep up with rapidly changing trends.

“Conferences around the world are proficient at connecting developers to experts, peers, and new ideas, but each topic within the conference are often loosely connected,” said a blog post published on the DevMountain website. “Attendees often end up learning new skills or advancing their knowledge, but how much and how advanced is often ambiguous. We see a need for conferences specifically designed with measurable objectives that attendees can demonstrate upon completion, while maintaining the same social environment found in other conferences where interactions with experts, peers, and new ideas are still abundant.”

As part of the Skillshop experience, criteria and benchmarks will be defined before the conference begins: this is what you will learn and this is what you will be able to do moving forward. Each of the conferences will be held in Salt Lake City, with the option to join via livestream for those unable to attend in person. Mentors will also be available throughout the week, ready to pounce on any unanswered questions and problems.

Here’s the official schedule:

iOS 2D Game Development: October 19–21

Unity 3D Development: October 24–26

VR/AR development: October 27–29

Mac OS X Development for iOS developers: November 7–11

For more information, visit the Skillshop website.

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