Putting Utah on the Investor's Map | Paul Ahlstrom: Local Legend, Investor, and Serial Entrepreneur

In this installment, Clint sits down with a true Utah legend, Paul Ahlstrom, an investor, entrepreneur, and co-author of the influential book "Nail It Then Scale It." Paul's indelible mark on the tech and investment world in Utah has been nothing short of extraordinary. He co-founded the state's leading venture capital fund, which served as the springboard for Utah's dramatic rise in the tech and investment landscape, capturing the attention of renowned investors worldwide.

The podcast kicks off with a deep dive into Paul Ahlstrom's extensive background in investing and how his visionary approach has played a pivotal role in shaping the tech ecosystem of Utah. As an investor, he has etched his name in history by helping numerous companies transform into industry giants. His expertise and guidance have been instrumental in fostering innovation, paving the way for Utah's emergence as a sought-after investment destination.

Clint and Paul embark on a fascinating exploration of Paul's entrepreneurial journey. With boundless passion and an unwavering commitment to making a difference, Paul has become an integral part of Utah's thriving tech community. Moreover, he has taken his expertise beyond Utah's borders and created the first venture fund in Mexico, contributing to the growth of the Latin American tech ecosystem.

Paul Ahlstrom's pursuits transcend conventional investing goals. He harbors a grand vision for the world and has set his sights on three audacious missions: curing cancer, ending poverty, and disrupting Hollywood. This visionary approach to investing involves actively giving back and working tirelessly to build a better future.

In his own words, Paul shares, "I'm not really an investor. I'm an entrepreneur that's kind of disguised as an investor, but if you look at the lens of everything I do, one of the things you can look at is just creating things out of scratch that are hard, that haven't been done before." This mindset underpins his relentless pursuit of innovative solutions to global challenges.

If you want to gain deeper insights into Paul Ahlstrom's journey, his remarkable achievements, and his aspirations for the future, don't miss the full episode on the Silicon Slopes Podcast. Watch the captivating conversation between Clint and Paul on YouTube or tune in on your favorite podcast platform to get inspired by a true visionary and his relentless pursuit of making a difference.

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