Silicon Slopes Conversation with Adam Sidwell

We were joined by Adam Sidwell, Founder of Future House Studies and Creative Director for Future House Publishing. Adam is a storyteller, technologist, and entrepreneur with expertise in multiple mediums, and he has 15 years of experience building CG for major motion pictures such as I,Robot, the Academy Award-winning King Kong, I Am Legend, the Academy Award-winning The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, TRON: Legacy, Thor, and much more at world-class VFX studios such as Industrial Light + Magic, Weta Digital, Digital Domain, and Mirada.

In this Friday Conversation, Adam shares the founding story of Future House Studios and Future House Publishing. Adam also shares the various projects he is currently working on such as a Transformers game for Dave and Busters and Swords, a game that blends Pokemon Go, The Legend of Zelda, and geocaching.

In the discussion, Adam shares how his entrepreneurial journey of founding Future House was very similar to writing a book (he has written seven so far). He used techniques such as world building, characterization, build up, and resolution when forming his company vision and mission and later used this outline when pitching the idea of Future House to investors.

Finally, he shares how creativity thrives under restraints. He gives the example of Star Wars: A New Hope. The movie didn't have the budget or the technology to handle such a movie, but George Lucas used several techniques to make the movie stand the test of time. However, when the budget was essentially bottomless with the prequels, the Star Wars universe suffered creatively.

"Creativity thrives when there are restraints." - Adam Sidwell

If you are curious to learn more about the entertainment industry or are wanting more insights, you can view the entire conversation by clicking on the YouTube link above or by pressing the links to Spotify below. Friday Conversations are also available on every major podcast platform.

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