Silicon Slopes Conversation with Julie Castle, CEO of Best Friends Animal Society

In this week's Friday Conversation, Julie Castle, CEO of Best Friends Animal Society shares her story of how she found her place fighting for what she believes in. She gives a glimpse into her journey as she grew into the shoes that she would later fill as a leading figure in animal rights.

Julie Castle made a significant life change after visiting Best Friends Animal Sanctuary.  She decided to abandon her legal ambitions and became the 17th employee at Best Friends, taking on various tasks such as animal care, landscaping, adoptions, and fundraising. Julie's dedication and innovative approach led her to establish programs like the Big Fix, Furburbia, and Strut Your Mutt, which revolutionized animal welfare nationwide. In 2007, she re-envisioned Best Friends' community programs and services, creating the Best Friends Network, a collaborative effort with thousands of partner organizations. Later, Julie spearheaded the adoption of a singular call-to-action campaign, "Save Them All," doubling Best Friends' brand awareness.

Recognized as a leader in the no-kill movement, Julie Castle continues to make a difference through her advocacy, while also enjoying personal pursuits such as marathon running, hiking, restoring historic homes, gardening, and even owning a pizza joint in Kanab, Utah.

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