Prashanth Chandrasekar, CEO of Stack Overflow, to Keynote Silicon Slopes Summit 2023

Silicon Slopes is excited to announce Prashanth Chandrasekar, Chief Executive Officer of Stack Overflow, will be joining our speaker lineup for Silicon Slopes Summit 2023.

Prashanth Chandrasekar is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Stack Overflow and is responsible for driving Stack Overflow’s overall strategic direction and results. Prashanth is a proven technology executive with extensive experience leading and scaling high-growth global organizations.

Previously, Prashanth served as Senior Vice President & General Manager of Rackspace’s Cloud & Infrastructure Services' portfolio of businesses. Before that, he held a range of senior leadership roles at Rackspace including Senior Vice President & General Manager of Global Public Clouds and Vice President & General Manager of Global Amazon Web Services (AWS) Business Unit.

Prashanth has a Bachelor's of Science in Computer Engineering from University of Maine, a Master's of Engineering in Engineering Managment from Cornell University, and a Master's of Business Administration from Harvard Business School.

Prashanth Chandrasekar will be sharing some of his career knowledge and insights at Silicon Slopes Summit 2023 alongside many other prominent business and technology leaders. On top of the opportunity to hear from these speakers, Summit 2023 will have unparalleled opportunities to connect with the Silicon Slopes community.

To learn more information about Silicon Slopes Summit 2023 or to purchase tickets, visit here.

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