Will Grannis, CTO of Google Cloud, to Keynote Silicon Slopes Summit 2023

Silicon Slopes is excited to announce that Will Grannis, Chief Technology Officer of Google Cloud, will be joining our speaker lineup for Silicon Slopes Summit 2023.

Will Grannis is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Google Cloud, where he leads a global team of technology executives and senior engineers. They work hand-in-hand with Google’s largest customers to enable industry and category-defining transformations while also launching new projects and initiatives like GenerativeAI, Web3, Digital Sovereignty and Sustainability. Will joined Google in March 2015 as the First Product Success Lead for Google for Work (now Google Cloud).

In 2022, Will founded a new subsidiary, Google Public Sector, and acted as CEO of the new division until the permanent leadership team was in place. Will and his team established a foundational capability that today helps the U.S. government accelerate their cloud initiatives and digital transformations with the differentiated technology and talent of Google.

Before joining Google, Will was an entrepreneur, enterprise technology executive, and an investor. He helped to build and scale technical platforms that today power commerce, telecommunications, transportation and the public sector. He’s served in roles such as Developer, Product Manager, Engineering Leader, Founder, Chief Technology Officer, CEO and Board Director.

Will holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Operations Research from the United States Military Academy at West Point and a Master’s of Business Administration from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Will Grannis will be sharing some of his career knowledge and insights at Silicon Slopes Summit 2023 alongside many other prominent business and technology leaders. On top of the opportunity to hear from these speakers, Summit 2023 will have unparalleled opportunities to connect with the Silicon Slopes community.

To learn more information about Silicon Slopes Summit 2023 or to purchase tickets, visit here.

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