Provo-Based CircusTrix Acquires Rockin’ Jump

The extreme recreation parks empire of CircusTrix keeps getting bigger, now up to 70+ parks worldwide.

A little over a year ago, I interviewed CircusTrix founder/CEO Case Lawrence for a profile on Beehive Startups.

Since that time, things have happened:

  1. CircusTrix signed an endorsement deal with American Ninja Warrior star Kevin Bull.
  2. CircusTrix announced an investment from Palladium Equity Partners, with terms undisclosed. At the time, Lawrence deemed Palladium the perfect partner “to help us achieve our aggressive growth plans.”
  3. Those aggressive growth plans are beginning to be revealed with the recent acquisition of Rockin’ Jump, the owner of 39 franchised and corporate-owned trampoline parks worldwide.

For those keeping track at home, this means that CircusTrix will now own and operate more than 70 parks worldwide, with 14 more planned to open in 2017. I’m no aggressive growth expert, but I think this meets the criteria.

“We’ve always admired Rockin’ Jump and consider them one of the best run franchise operations in our industry,” Lawrence said in a statement. “We believe that pairing Rockin’ Jump’s expertise in franchising and family entertainment with our focus on corporate facility development and the teen/young adult demographic is going to raise the bar in our industry. We hope to continue offering the best and most innovative parks we can, and bring additional expertise and resources to help support Rockin’ Jump’s franchisees.”

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