SLC-Based LANDESK Acquired By Clearlake Capital, Will Combine With HEAT Software

When you have two IT-centric organizations that spell their names in all caps, it just makes sense to combine them.

We have a two-part piece of news out of Salt Lake City today.

First, SLC-based LANDESK is being acquired by Clearlake Capital, who has signed an agreement (terms undisclosed) to purchase them from Thoma Bravo.

As part of the arrangement, LANDESK will combine with HEAT Software, who as it turns out is also a portfolio company of Clearlake (everyone gasps). What a small world.

“This is an exciting day for LANDESK,” said Steve Daly, CEO of LANDESK. “We are thrilled to work with Clearlake in this next phase of our growth trajectory, as they bring significant endpoint security software domain expertise and cloud experience that will be critical to continue to build our platform organically and through acquisition.”

When you have two IT-centric organizations that spell their names in all caps, it just makes sense to combine them. That’s the reasoning here for the LANDESK/HEAT union, which will be led by current LANDESK CEO Steve Daly and continue to be headquartered in SLC. The name of the new company has yet to be determined, but we do know that it will have 1,600 employees, making it well positioned to do some interesting things in the IT world. We’ll keep you posted.

“HEAT’s products align well with our mission to help our customers build modern, user-centered IT organizations and will provide additional expertise and capabilities as we accelerate our investments in the cloud,” said Daly.

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