Sorensen Capital acquires St. George-based Wilson Electronics


By Joey Ferguson

Salt Lake City-based Sorenson Capital acquired Wilson Electronics and is appointing three members of its management team to the company’s board of directors, according to the Deseret News.

“We look forward to continuing Sorenson Capital’s tradition of taking companies to the next level by capitalizing on Wilson’s strong product leadership and transformational growth opportunities,” LeGrand Lewis, principal with Sorenson Capital who will join Wilson’s board of directors, told the Deseret News.

Frasier Bullock and Tim Layton, two of Sorenson’s managing directors, will also join the St. George company’s board.

Wilson manufactures cellular signal boosters for individuals, businesses and governments.

The company brings in annual revenues in the $100 million range, Robert Van Buskirk, chief executive of Wilson, told the Deseret News.

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