Startup Santa Is Ready For More Books

I believe reading is one of the only things on earth that, regardless of who’s doing it, improves a person’s mental capacity without fail.

I’m a man with many passions. Some of these I can get into (golf, music, sports gambling), others are probably best left in the dark. One of the things I am most passionate about is reading, something I’ve enjoyed from an early age, fighting many a battle in my youth defending the sanctity of books from all the illiterate rednecks who would tear them down. You can make fun of pretty much anything I do in life, but don’t make fun of reading.

I believe reading is one of the only things on earth that, regardless of who’s doing it, improves a person’s mental capacity without fail. As more and more kids are gravitating towards flashier pastimes (Playstation! Xbox! Wii!) and others simply don’t have access to quality reading materials, time is running out to remind everybody why books can be so powerful — they can be an escape, a journey, and ultimately, a way to expand and strengthen each darkened corridor of the mind. If you legitimately want your child to maximize their learning ability, you should be cramming books down their throat at every turn.

As you know by now, the Startup Santa book drive is in full swing. Getting books in the hands of children doesn’t just happen magically — as is the case in life, wishing for change isn’t enough. What is making this book drive happen (and hopefully providing the reading materials needed by children throughout Utah) is the generosity and kindness of startups and individuals spread across the state, where many have already donated and many more will donate in the coming days.

You have eight days left to make a difference and you can do so in two different ways. First, any children’s books you currently own that are just gathering dust on the shelves, go and drop them off at any of the United Way’s locations (Provo, SLC, Ogden). Second, if you would prefer to donate money directly towards the purchase of new books, that is also possible. No matter which option you choose, make sure to sign your company up on the leaderboard so credit goes where credit is do. Startup Santa is ready for more books and your donations are the only thing making that happen. Game on.

Published 12/10/2015

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