The Official List of Winners at the Utah Startup Awards

Pluralsight wins big at inaugural Utah Startup Awards

For anybody who loves the burgeoning Utah startup scene, this weekend at StartSLC was a huge win for the entire community. We had — amongst many, many other things — big-name speakers, sword dancers, drones flying, and a $250,000 pitch competition. The amount of support and interest we received throughout the festival was near-overwhelming and speaks to the continued rise of entrepreneurship within the Beehive State.

With Utah’s future burning at retina-destroying levels, the first-ever Utah Startup Awards were announced at StartSLC to celebrate the amazing amount of success experienced by companies all over the state. As we look with interest toward the future of the Utah startup scene — and trust us, it’s ready to explode — let’s look one last time at the winners of the inaugural Utah Startup Awards.

Utah Startup of the Year:Pluralsight

Utah Founder of the Year:Ryan Caldwell

Utah CEO of the Year:Aaron Skonnard

Best New Startup Launched in 2014:Qzzr

Utah VC of the Year:Kickstart Seed Fund

Utah Angel of the Year:Robb Kunz

Best Utah Education Startup:Instructure

Best Utah Bootstrapped Startup:DevMountain

Best Utah Health Startup:Tute Genomics

Best Utah Mobile Application:Studio

Best Utah SaaS Startup:InsideSales

Best Non-Technical Startup of the Year:Cotopaxi

Southern Utah Startup of the Year:BusyBusy

Salt Lake County Startup of the Year:Lucid Software

Utah County Startup of the Year:Weave

Northern Utah Startup of the Year:Vidpresso

Published 2/2/2015

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