The Pinball Room: From Hobby to Side Hustle

If you've walked into Silicon Slopes HQ within the past year, you have probably seen a pinball machine, with its flashing lights—almost beckoning you to play. Although it may seem out of place and potentially a random addition to Silicon Slopes, the pinball machine has a pretty unique story.

Rewind to 2016. Steve Kondris, Founder of The Pinball Room was working at HireVue. Steve was asked to help Sharline, Steve's office admin, and events manager get something fun and different for the new game room area. Instead of getting a ping-pong table or pool table, he got a pinball machine.

Within a year, the company wanted a second machine, so he began to think, "if this was working so well at HireVue, there had to be other companies that would love pinball at their offices, too." So, he started reaching out to past co-workers and friends and got introduced to the right people at a few other places. And before he knew it, he had a real side-hustle that he was super passionate about.

Fast forward to today, Steve is the owner of The Pinball Room, a pinball and arcade machine rental company for corporate game rooms, events, and private homes. According to Steve, "Pinball provides employees with an opportunity to get away from the harsh blue light of their computer screens while engaging different parts of their brain which helps them return more focused and refreshed mentally for their workload."

Currently, The Pinball Room rents pinball machines to companies in the Salt Lake, Davis, and Utah county areas. Some of The Pinball Room's current and former customers include, Qualtrics, Overstock, Aptive Environmental, BDO, HireVue and of course, Silicon Slopes.

If you are interested in having a pinball machine added to your game room, take a look at The Pinball Room's current machine lineup here.

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