Vozzi Teams Up with Every Kid Sports

If you’re into sports at all, you know there is a lot of information out there for each and every team. Fans want to be in the know, from the pros to college teams to triple-A baseball. Vozzi, based in Salt Lake City, is an SMS platform that is revolutionizing the way teams interact with fans. Instead of filling your inbox with marketing material that you'll likely never check, Vozzi allows texts about sales, upcoming events, and other news to come directly to your phone. One quick glance and you’re informed.

Sure, Vozzi is great at what they do, but providing an amazing service isn’t their only offering. Vozzi has paired with Every Kid Sports to give back to the community. Across the nation, thousands of kids are unable to participate in organized sports because of their socioeconomic situation. Why does this matter? Studies show that kids who participate in sports have better mental, emotional, social, and physical health. Kids are less likely to have depression or anxiety, and are much less likely to use drugs. But sports participation extends even beyond the individual and into the community at large. Participating in sports and physical activity can also lead to “A decrease in direct, indirect, and personal health care costs (collectively, up to $28 billion per year)” and “stronger long-term labor market” (health.gov)

Vozzi has selected “giving days” where 5% of their revenue goes towards covering sign-up fees for income-restricted kids. The Giving Days, which come around the time sports registrations start, are June 16th, September 1st, and January 5th. Sending a text campaign one of these days gives to kids in need, and the more texts that are sent, the more kids are helped with sports fees.

“At VOZZI, we believe that every kid should get the opportunity to play sports because we recognize the life skills learned through playing.” (Vozzi) To learn more about Vozzi and how you can participate in their partnership with Every Kid Sports, click here.

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