Health & Society

  • COVID-19 Research & Response
    • University Hospital Response: To best serve the state of Utah, the Hospital needs unrestricted funding to be nimble and adaptive in responding to the demands of COVID-19 infections in Utah.
    • Contract Tracing Education: Currently training contact tracers to work with the Utah Department of Health to work with people who test positive to trace how they may have contracted the disease and who they may have potentially infected.
    • 3i Initiative (Immunology, Infection, & Inflammation Research Initiative): A multi-discipline research initiative built on a strong foundation of almost 180 faculty from across campus.
      • Biospecimen Support: The University of Utah has established a biobank with samples of COVID-19 inpatient and outpatient serum and blood. These samples will give researchers access to much-needed data as science works to understand COVID-19. Currently, the University is on track to have one of the largest banks of outpatient samples in the US. This will enable new discoveries in COVID-19.
      • Seed Grants: The University funded 56 grants to jumpstart COVID-19 research. These seed grants will study nearly all impacts on the society and will allow for new information related to treating and managing COVID-19. Seed grants have supported research projects related to environmental impact and minimizing exposure, Health impact across populations, mental health, social impact and policy, testing and treatment, and data science and genomic medicine.
  • Driving Out Diabetes
    • Wellness Bus: A mobile health clinic that partners with community organizations to bring a multi-cultural and multi-lingual team of diabetes educators, community health workers, health coaches, registered dieticians, and student volunteers to Kearns, Midvale, Glendale, and South Salt Lake on a weekly basis.
    • Research Seed Grants: Small seed grants are used to collect data and test ideas.
    • Clinical Screenings: Screening high-risk patients to prevent serious complications like blindness.
  • Program for Air Quality, Health, & Society: Brings together investigators from across the University of Utah and beyond to establish multidisciplinary research collaborations devoted to investigating a broad base of air quality impacts on Utahns.
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