Technology, Simulation, and Informatics

  • Re-imagine Electronic Health Record: Research methods and innovative technologies to augment and optimize Electronic Health Records (EHRs) by designing tools and information displays that enhance a user’s experience, improve patient outcomes, and deliver personalized, value-driven, and safe care for individuals and populations.
  • Diabetes & Wearable Technology: Research project that leverages the power of peers through online communities and sensor technologies to support those with diabetes and those at risk for diabetes.
  • Virtual Reality/Simulation Education: The U of U has developed the first-of-its-kind simulators that will connect anyone interested in entering the workforce with virtual experiences that train workers better, faster, and for less. The U is placing dental implants, saving trauma patients' lives, placing catheters and IV with nurses, and so much more, and all on simulators that connect universities to anyone.
  • The University of Utah Department of Radiology and Imaging Sciences: Actively develops Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning from the broadest ranging diagnostic tools, such as mammography, to the most specific, such as real-time MRI scans of the heart. Physician researchers are working together to investigate and improve the entire flow of imaging to make it a better experience for patients. Researchers are pioneering the way we utilize complex data sets to optimize the most cutting-edge imaging for faster, more powerful, more precise diagnoses and treatment.
  • Center for Medical Innovation
    • The GApp (Gaming & App) Lab: The GApp Lab has a proven track-record of success providing clinically validated applications and games, right at the intersection of digital platforms and the transformation of health care delivery.
    • Bench to Bedside: Bench to Bedside has engaged over 1,000 students into 238 interdisciplinary teams to create new technologies for the medical field. More than 65 of these teams have moved forward to commercialize their creations.
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