‘Utah Game Wars’ competition offers $25k to best new game


By Joey Ferguson

SALT LAKE CITY — Concept to Company, a Grow Utah Ventures event, is offering $25,000 in cash prizes to developers with the best video games for its Utah Game Wars contest.

Contestants can enter in either the “unreleased” or “released” categories for mobile, console or computer games. The best unreleased game will be rewarded $15,000, while the top released game will receive $10,000.

A crowd favorite will also receive a small cash prize.

“The goal of Utah Game Wars is to stimulate creativity and job creation in the exceptionally high-paying digital media and gaming”, said Ryan Angus, associate director of USTAR’s Central Region technology outreach office, in a statement. “Many gaming studios have grown from small independent shops to major players in Utah over the years and we want to encourage more of the same behavior.”

The contest is hosted by Grow Utah Ventures, Utah Valley University, UVU Business Resource Center and Zions Bank.

Experts and developers from the gaming industry will be in attendance, according to the statement.

Utah is home to a number of game developers, including EA, Smart Bomb Interactive, Eat Sleep Play and Chair Entertainment.

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