Vivint Joins the ISP World

With Vivint Internet, customers finally have an alternative for truly fast, reliable broadband.

We all need the internet. It is the beating heart that sustains each day, a mix of articles, videos, and memes that provide endless entertainment and unlimited knowledge, all while turning downtime into an internet-surfing drug your mind craves. Without the internet, we would be lost — with the internet, we are saved.

When the Internet slows, that’s when panic sets in. You know the feeling — seven o’clock on a weeknight and you’re trying to stream Netflix, only you can’t make it through two minutes without rendering stoppage time. It’s the worst possible scenario and one that spells doom for any chance you have of weekday happiness.

Slow broadband service is why Vivint is tossing their hat into the Internet service provider ring, recently launching Vivint Internet with pilot programs in San Antonio, El Paso, and various cities throughout Utah.

“With Vivint Internet, customers finally have an alternative for truly fast, reliable broadband,” Matt Eyring, chief strategy and innovation officer at Vivint, said in a statement. “Many Americans have become resigned to Internet with slower-than-advertised speeds, spotty performance and abysmal customer service. Vivint Internet is faster than the top DSL speeds offered by any other provider, eliminates the dreaded 7 p.m. slowdown and is backed by our award-winning customer service.”

Instead of relying on traditional methods for providing Internet service, Vivint beams their signal to selected homes (known as hub homes) that are used to relay that signal to nearby customers. By doing this, Vivint Internet is able to reliably provide speedy Internet (100 Mbps) regardless of the time or user count, so you don’t have to worry about smashing your TV when Netflix keeps cutting out.

More than 15,000 customers are already partaking of Vivint Internet, with plans for expansion tabled for the immediate future. As somebody who loves the taste of high-speed Internet, I’m looking forward to it.

To learn more about Vivint’s recent innovations, read about their new Doorbell Camera.

Published 7/1/2015

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